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Reporting Services


Real Time Monitoring


WellDAS can offer a package to suit all your data and reporting requirements.



The traditional model of gathering well test data on location and periodically providing to the client has evolved into a global collaboration with real time monitoring. Now test data can be accessed by clients in real time anywhere in the world. This collaboration ensures the most accurate and timely decision making can be accomplished. Real Time technologies have tremendous benefits for decision making, however the data on which decisions are based needs to be 100% accurate at all times. If doubt can be attributed to any part of the real time data, confidence in the service can be lost. If you lack the time or resources to actively monitor your real time data feeds WellDAS can provide this service.



Basic package:


You provide a draft well test report. We will review the draft report and produce a summary which outlines problems and suggested solutions. This works well for locations with technically proficient personnel who require additional expertise or resources to produce consistant high quality reports.



Intermediate package:


Building on our basic package, after consultation, we will apply corrections and / or improvements to your report. As a minimum the sequence of operations requires perfect continuity and should appear seamless for the duration of the well test. It is also essential that all observable changes / responses in the well test data are captured in the sequence of operations.



Complete Package:


You provide unformatted well test data, all supporting files and copies of manual readings sheets / data cards and we will produce your well test report.




If these packages don’t match your exact requirement we can create a custom solution for you. Please contact us for more information.

WellDAS offers many wellsite services including:


Rig up and operation of Surface Data Acquisition systems


  • Halliburton InSite and Sentry applications
  • Configuration and administration of Halliburton Real Time Operations services (InSite Anywhere)


Rig up and operation of Downhole Data Acquisition systems


  • Carrier and slickline conveyed memory gauge operations including Spartek, Metrolog, PPS and Canada Tech (Omega)
  • Memory gauge data validation and reporting
  • Halliburton DynaLink telemetry system configuration and operation


Downhole Sampling


  • SPS-15 slickline conveyed
  • SPS-15 electricline conveyed / activated
  • SPS-15 carrier conveyed (annulus pressure and acoustic activated)
  • Halliburton Armada (annulus pressure and acoustic activated)
  • Halliburton Armada slickline carrier


Surface Sampling

  • PVT sampling
  • Atmospheric sampling


Training Services


  • Surface Data Acquisition Services (SDAS)
  • Memory Gauges
  • Fluid Sampling
  • Increased efficiency is a key element in oilfield service quality. Competent employees play an essential role in maximising service quality. While training can often be regarded as an expensive overhead, increasingly, customers demand evidence based competence within a workforce. This can present significant challenges. With experience in competency assessment WellDAS appreciate the need for consistent, effective training as a key step towards knowledgeable, competent and efficient employees.

    To deliver training while ensuring consistent service quality it is essential that courses are delivered in the most effective format possible. WellDAS can provide consultancy based training courses to ensure consistent and timely training that adds value to your business.
    Courses can be provided utilising existing client content to ensure consistency across an organisation or can be customised to your requirements.

    A brief example of a typical course structure:


  • Theory:
  • - Business/Service objectives
  • Hardware:
  • - Selection, Configuration, Calibration, Operation and Safety.
  • Software:
  • - Operational Software: Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting
      - Reporting Software (where applicable)
  • Operational Considerations:
  • - Realtime/Wellsite (where applicable)
      - QAQC
      - Maintenance
      - Workshop asset management
  • Course Summary and Evaluation


    Other Services




    Design of Service (DOS)


    Design of Service (DOS) is a process used to verify a client’s objectives, requirements and the feasibility of a planned project. This approach assesses proposed operational objectives including third party interfaces, equipment and configuration.









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